Transfer to Plumeria Hotels


Vaavu Atoll is famous for its beaches, reefs and sandbanks. Fish life is abundant in this atoll due to the fact of numerous Thila , Caves and Reefs. Because of these features scuba diving and fishing is the most popular activities available in this Atoll.

Scuba Diving, Fishing trips, Sandbank trips, picnic island trips, visiting neighboring local islands and water sports activities are available for our guests. More info…

Plumeria Speed Boat.

Speed Boat Name: Plumeria-1 / Plumeria-5
Time of departure from INIA: 10:00am & 04:00pm (everyday)
Time of departure from Plumeria Boutique Guesthouse: 06:00am (everyday)
Travel time: 1hr 15 minutes
Seating Capacity: 18pax (plumeria 1)
Seating Capacity: 24pax (plumeria 5)
Ticket: USD 130 Return Trip / per person
Boat available for: Combine Transfer / Private Charter